Feel & move better, day one

Holistic performance-based physical therapy that helps you move better and live your life free from pain.

You’ve been trying to get back to your old self. You’ve seen multiple providers with minimal to no results. The only solution you’ve been given is to stop doing the things you love. What you’re looking for is a trusted professional who has your best interests – and your body – in mind.

That’s what you’ll get at Mindful Movement Physical Therapy.


We start with a holistic evaluation.


We find root causes and solutions.


You get back to what you love.

We’ll start treating symptoms in the first session – why wait? You’ve already been waiting long enough to feel better.

I not only want you to feel back to your old self – but better than that. I want you to feel and perform better than before you had the injury. Become better and stronger than before you had to start searching for a physical therapist.

You’re here because you’re sick of the same treatment plan that doesn’t get you where you want to go. Time to get back to what you truly enjoy and challenge yourself to become stronger with the help of someone who wants to see you at your best. You’ll leave our sessions feeling empowered, inspired and strong.

Let’s build a plan that’s right for you.