Physical Therapy

We evaluate, guide and record your progress. We specialize in a holistic approach: taking into consideration all of your aches, pains and stressors. We’re here to help you through an injury, pre or post-surgical, manage pain, and get stronger. Each session and treatment is detailed to your individual needs and goals. Through top-notch manual therapy, soft tissue work and progressive exercises, we will help you reduce pain and get back to what you love.

Return to Sport

Our specialized return-to-sport program is designed to guide you back to peak performance safely and effectively. This isn’t just about recovering from injury. It’s about regaining confidence, rebuilding strength, and reclaiming your passion for the game.

Our multidisciplinary approach combines advanced therapeutic techniques, sports-specific exercises, and evidence-based protocols to ensure a safe and efficient return to sport. We focus not only on treating the injury itself, but also on addressing any underlying issues and improving strength to reduce the risk of re-injury.

Barbell/Weight Training

Let’s ensure when you lift, you are not only improving your performance but also keeping in mind the the safety of your joints, muscles, ligaments. We have extensive background and certifications in strength training.

Whether you are looking to improve your comfort and ability or return to weight training and barbell work after an injury, we can help.

Performance Training

Performance training, or “performance-based training,” is a personalized training strategy that assists participants in achieving their targeted performance goals. There is no goal too big or small. Whether you just want to be able to play with your kids and feel good on a daily basis or you’d like to improve your sports performance and set personal records, our 1-on-1 performance training will meet you where you are and take you to the next level.

Virtual Consulting

Too busy, too far or unable to come see us in person?

We offer virtual consultations over our secure telehealth platform. While some assessments and treatments may be off the table virtually, we can still pack these sessions with actionable items, exercises and education to help you take control of your body, improve function and get out of pain.

Corporate Wellness

We’ve found many people with neck pain, back pain, migraine headaches and more benefit greatly from workstation modifications and movement recommendations. 

Our corporate wellness program was created to help more people stay out of pain. We can help people to spend less time at our office and more time in yours.

Through education, empowerment and workplace modifications, we help employees adopt and sustain behaviors that reduce health risks, improve quality of life, enhance productivity, and benefit an organization’s bottom line.